ZF-34 vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing mapping UAV (battery powered)

Airframe parametersCaptain: 1.8mWingspan: 3.6mMachine height: 45cmMaterial: carbon fiber composite materialFlight parametersControl method: automatic / manualFlight mode: level flight + circlePower: E

Airframe parameters

Captain: 1.8m

Wingspan: 3.6m

Machine height: 45cm

Material: carbon fiber composite material

Flight parameters

Control method: automatic / manual

Flight mode: level flight + circle

Power: Electric

Engine power: 3.5KW

Maximum speed: 30m / s

Cruising speed: 22m / s

Climbing speed: 5m / s

Landing speed: 2m / s

Life time: 120 minutes

Maximum ceiling: 5500 meters

Control radius: 50km -100km

Wind resistance: Level 7

Load parameters

Payload: 5KG

Takeoff weight: 28KG

ZF-34 vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV, while inheriting the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft's high efficiency and long flight time, can take off and land vertically on any flat ground, which overcomes the limitation of site limitation. The high-performance lithium battery is used as the power of the aircraft, with low noise and stable flight. By adjusting the structure of the aircraft and the application of various innovative components, the effective flight time of the electric version of the drone was increased to 120 minutes, which effectively solved the shortcomings of the short flight time of the electric power drone.

For the control of the ZF-34 drone, one-button automatic take-off and automatic return can be used. After the planned route is completed, the drone will automatically land at the take-off location accurately.

ZF-34 can be used in aerial mapping, traffic inspection, power line inspection, pipeline inspection, border inspection, forest fire detection, environmental monitoring, geographic mapping, land exploration, and urban planning.






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