ZFJN UAV Ground Station v1.

2021-05-28 10:16:31 55

ZFJN UAV Ground Station v1.5.1

Agri Assistant (Build 49) - 43.11 MB


1、This software can only be used for Android。

2、The software will be updated automatically, or contact customer service to use the latest version.

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If the download speed of this address is too slow, you can scan the QR code above to download this App.

This software must be registered and authenticated before it can be used normally,If the registration is unsuccessful, contact WeChat customer service.

It is strongly recommended to connect this software before using the company's plant protection drone.

After the App is successfully connected, it can display important information such as the number of UAV GPS satellites, battery voltage, and remote control signal strength.

It is recommended that the mobile phone has internet to use this app,After the App is connected to the Internet, you can upload professional records to the cloud disk

Contact details:

Fixed telephone:0086+3124173351

Mobile phone:0086+15200077518  15733820002(Russian)


WeChat public account:ZhiFei-UAV


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